Media Metrics uses data and analysis to reveal the dynamism and innovation in media, technology, and communications markets.

About Media Metrics

Media Metrics is a data research project from the Technology Policy Program at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. All too often, regulators’ assessment about US technology industries embraces incomplete, misleading, and gloomy narratives about the role of markets, which in turn fuels demand for regulation of our most innovative sectors. The project uses a variety of proprietary and public data sources to convey an optimistic story about competition and innovation in US communications, technology, and media.

The project is ongoing and charts will be updated periodically as new data arrive. Further, new charts will be added, and we will soon add downloadable data for the Media Metrics charts so that other researchers can use the data.

Media Metrics is derived (with permission) from a 2008 publication by that name. Adam Thierer and Grant Eskelsen, “Media Metrics: The True State of the Modern Media Marketplace” (Special Report, Progress & Freedom Foundation, Washington, DC, Summer 2008).

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